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    Peter Bannigan is the author of the Tuatha de Danann Saga beginning with the Awakening. Peter was born in Brooklyn, New York in the late 40s and now lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts with his wife, Cornelia in an eclectic house surrounded by woods. The idea for the series came out of talks with his sister Fran several years ago while discussing their mutual love the SyFy/Fantasy genera and how it could be developed in a way that might dwell on more contemporary subjects. He attended high school at Avon Old Farms School in Avon, Connecticut, earned a B.S. in Agriculture from Cornell University and the State University of New York – Albany for his MBA.

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    Prior to moving to Massachusetts Peter and Cornelia and their Golden Doodle Harry lived in Albany, New York were they raised a family. In Albany Peter worked for the New York State Assembly, lower house of the state legislature, and after leaving state service as a business consultant concentrating in the medical devise sector. An avid outdoors man Peter enjoys boating in his 17 foot sea kayak and camping. He has been reading SyFy/Fantasy for decades and writing for his own amusement since 2009 and plans on continuing to write until his brain turns in to fine well aged mush.

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    The author has spent considerable time and energy to create these works, we ask that you respect his right of authorship and urge those you know to purchase the works. Your support and respect for the property of this author is appreciated.

    These books are works of fiction and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental unless stated other wise. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

    Book Contains Adult Content.

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  • Book One introduction

    Extraordinary beautiful men and women descended from a mythical tribe out of the pre historic lands of the Celts living in Brooklyn, New York awake. Sex, lies, deception, pedophiles, religious convergence, greed and stupidity great Nikey and Tee when they discover they are members of the long lost mythical clan Tuatha de Danann. The Tuatha de of legend were known to have magical powers based on sex magic which today would be seen as the ability to manipulate energy at a very fundament level for a price. To survive in good health with balance and to use their energy manipulation abilities the price extracted is the life and death necessity to scavenge energy from normal humans of both sexes.

    At the same time the Tuatha de Danann are emerging the Roman Church is in the mists of trying to deal with the pedophile scandals worldwide and capitalize on te rifit within the Anglican Communion forced by the American church’s ordination of gays. With the lifestyle needed to maintain health it is inevitable a confrontation between the Church and the clan would take place. Book one of the Saga is the story of their awakening and the initial confrontation with the Roman Church. Book two, Holy Evil, is a continuation of the story of the emergence of the Lord Cather and the Ladies of the Clan in their climatic confrontation with the Rome.

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    Holy Evil: Nikey & Tee
    Book Two of the Tuatha de Danann Saga

    The second book of the saga is the conclusion of the confrontation between Monsignor Alsip, the head of the Church’s North American pedophile rendition program, and the surviving bi-sexual pagan members of the Tuatha de Danann. In book two Alsip becomes convinced that Nikey and Alice are agents of evil responsible for turning good priests and nuns into sexual predators, gays and others of a deviant life style who are infecting the Church. He is convinced that if he can capture one or both and put them to the question all will be revealed leading to the rest of those like them. With all of the agents of evil captured and dealt with the Church will be able to eliminate the stain of perversion and attract the disaffected Anglicans.

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    The action chronicles the Church’s effort to capture and the Tuatha de Danann’s attempts to live their lives in peace by avoiding Alsip’s efforts to take them. The final confrontation takes place on Belize where Alsip maintains the rendition center used to deal with the priests and nuns who have been perverted. In an effort to force the Tuatha De Danann to Belize he captures one of their relatives and makes a video of his chief inquisitor questioning them, making the offer to trade his captives if the two will turn themselves in to be questioned. The main characters are Nikey and Tee Cather, Alice Monahan and Bridget Kerrigan who are mentored by the three older Tuatha de Danann women, Hellen, Alexa and Melinda. Tee Cather is the first male Tuatha de Danann born in thousands of year and much is hinted leading to book three – Born Again Bad: Nikey & Tee.

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